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Top 10 best mobile app development companies in Bangladesh

best mobile app development companies in Bangladesh

The 21st century is known as the digital age. During this period, this world has seen much revolutionary progress over science and technology.

We have come to a position where everything around us is connected to technology, making our lives easier and more successful. Every county is doing its best to develop in the IT sector. So Bangladesh is also in this race and also doing well in this race.

TOP 10 mobile app development companies:

When we talk about technology, we come up with the idea of mobile apps. In Bangladesh, many companies are working with mobile app development.

Today we will talk about these Bangladeshi companies that are doing well in mobile app developments. So, let's see the top 10 best mobile app development companies in Bangladesh.

1. Techdyno BD

On top of the list, we have enlisted Techdyno BD. It is one of the best global IT and digital marketing service providing companies. This company has been doing business for the past 3- years. Though it's a short period for a company to achieve the best position, they are well qualified for being at the top.

Within this short time, they have over 110 satisfied clients. They have completed over 1200 successful projects. Currently, this company is working with mobile app development, web design and development, software development, video editing, 2D animation, and more. To provide you on-time response and the best quality services, 15 well-qualified engineers are working hard. 

2. DataSoft

DataSoft is also of the best company making their name in the app development field. This company has been in command for more than 5- years. They started their journey in 1998. Many Bangladeshi companies didn't know about mobile apps back then, so they worked hard to secure the position in the top 10 list.

They have achieved the CMMI level 5 certificates through their dedication and work competency. For this reason, many well-known companies like Bikash, MetLife, SDF are taking services. Much qualified staff works to provide good high-end mobile apps at a fair cost.

3. Dhaka Solution

Dhaka solution is one of the best mid-range software developers and designers in Bangladesh. They are well known for their cost-effective work and outstanding service. This company started its journey in 2013, and in these 5- years, they made their stand in this line of work.

They provide services and also working to develop the youth to work in this sector. They provide all types of IT solutions, such as website design & development, mobile software development, domain hosting service, social media marketing, and a lot more.

4. Kaz software limited 

Kaz is also an old company; they have been in service since 2003. This company is especially known for its success rate of work. They are constantly providing good quality software that is attracting more and more people in business.

Kaz software has worked with more than 100 company including big companies such as Robi, Arong, and more. They have created more than 150 software for their clients. Their services include software development, interracial design, data content, and research.

5. Cloud Ten Labs 

Cloud Ten Labs is an international company; since 2018, they have been giving services in Bangladesh. This company staffs are well-educated and experienced in technology. They provide mobile app development, graphic design, SEO, social media marketing, and many more. 

Clouds app developers can provide both ISO and Android mobile apps. This company has the experience of working with big international companies such as Nike, Intel, and Adidas. Their developers ensure 100% quality products with perfections.

6. Dream 71 Bangladesh LTD

Dream 71 Bangladesh is a new company in this line of work, but it has made its name through its hard work. Their developer works hard to provide better services to the clients. 

They are developing the mobile gaming industry in Bangladesh; they are making all sorts of mobile games. Not only mobile games, but they are also well qualified to develop other types of mobile apps, websites, etc.

7. Raise Up Labs

Raise Up Labs is one of those company that is trying best to develop mobile games from Bangladesh. It's an international company; they have been in this industry for more than 10- years. In this short time, their developers have earned many awards for Raise Up Labs.

They provide all kinds of services, mobile apps for ISO and Androids, games, video editing, social media marketing, and more. They work with precision with less cost, so if your company is starting up and you want to build a mobile app, Raise Up will do the job for you.

8. Cefalo 

Cefalo is one of the leading international companies working for the development of Bangladesh. They are ISO certified company, which makes their company trustworthy in terms of data security. 

They provide all sorts of it related problems all over the county. Also, you will be able to collaborate with them and hire their developers in your projects or your company. Its app developers are well qualified in the field of work.

9. Iota InfoTech LTD

They have started their journey in 2018 in Bangladesh. Now they have achieved a strong position through their dedication. Iota IT is an international company, one of their Branch is situated in Bangladesh.

This company has worked for many clients over 1000 and 140 successful completed projects. A group of 50 well-educated developers works their level best to give the best assistance to their clients.

10. TECH lab Software

Tech lab is a new software company; they provide many kinds of services such as web application, mobile application development, website development, social marketing, and many more. Their main attraction is custom software developments. 

It has completed many custom software for many renowned automobile industries. They achieved the top position because of their dedication and hard work. They have many well-educated software developers that provide authentic and easy-to-use software for their clients.

Final Verdict

Bangladesh is an underdeveloped country. Our people are becoming educated and well qualified in all aspects of life. They are taking participating in many technological fairs and reaching the top place.

We have just shared only 10-companies that are close to success. These companies are working for the development of Bangladesh. Besides these companies, many new app development companies are also working on mobile apps development.