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How to Use Android App on PC

How to Use Android App on PC

Did you ever feel the mobile screen is so tiny and if can I use the same app on the bigger screen? Or you own an IOS device, but you want to use the android version of any apps. Either you want to play a high-definition mobile game that is bigger in size, but your phone can't run smoothly because of the poor storage.

Yes, all of your thoughts and needs could be real and solved if you have a pc in your reach. You can run all your required software over your pc like an android system phone. For this, you have to follow some steps and methods properly for getting benefited. By a proper method, you can know how to use the android app on pc properly.

How to run Android apps in Windows:

If you eagerly want to know how to Use Android App on a PC, your phone and computer need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi. Your Phone application window ought to show up on your work area to open your Android applications on your computer. 

Tap on the applications from the left menu shortcut. You will find both installed applications on your computer. When you click on the specific apps to run, it will work on a separate window. By this, you can control all the apps on your phone through the desktop. Most of the apps you can run by your keyboard and mouse. 

There is some shortcut to run the apps smoothly on PC. If you click on the screen for a single time or double time, it will work for a single tap or double tap. Click right to go to the previous page. If you scroll the mouse, it will move the page according to your scrolling. You can also pin the apps to the taskbar by clicking it on the right and choose the setting pin to the taskbar. 

4- Free Ways to Run Android Apps on Your PC:

There are a couple of ways to use the android app on pc, but here we will discuss 4 of them, which is completely free. One of them is mirroring the phone with the windows. This is the simplest way to connect the phone with pc. 

For snappy entry to Android apps, which you have now added, it certainly works when necessary. But it's not ideal for using high graphical videos or gaming apps because it might create a blurriness while working. 

Secondly, you can install blue stacks to run your favorite apps on your pc. This app will directly install the apps from the play store, and it will work exactly like your phone. You can play all your games through these blue stacks without any blurriness. It's the most popular method to use android apps on PC. 

Thirdly, instead of specific apps, you intend to investigate the Android working system itself. Genymotion is just an emulator. It is a simple item for engineers and costs cash to use. However, the product form that you can use for individual use is available free of charge; you must first register your account on the web.

You are all set to use the android app on pc of your choice by this emulator. The last one is to run your android system directly on your pc with android-x86. This feature is more fully featured than any other method.

Run Your Favourite Apps With Bluestacks:

Blue stacks is a commonly known app as an android emulator for the pc. This app is top-rated in the gamer community because most of them use it for gaming. For using this, firstly, you have to install the blue stacks 4 on your computer by following as similar to other apps installing process.

After installation, open the blue stacks instance manager, and by clicking on the new instance button, create a new one. You can add your google account there. After that, download any apps of your choice within blue stacks. After installing the apps, you can run them directly there.

You can use the default built-in control, or either you can customize them on your own. You might have a question about the safety of using all your apps in blue stacks on your pc. Actually, the good thing is blue stacks are properly secure to install and run through any system; however, it's windows or mac.


What do Android applications need to run on your Windows 10 PC?

After all the information above, now we know how to use the android app on pc. You might wonder if it varies with the windows version or can I use android apps on my windows 10 pc. The answer is yes; your Windows 10 PC can run all your Android applications. The required thing is your windows need to be updated. 

To check the current version of windows, what you have to do is go to the setting of your pc. Search updates and security, then check for updates. If you find any updates, then upgrade it. Along with an updated windows 10 version, the updated android version was also required to run android apps on pc.

Android 9.0 or greater than that will be preferable. It's required to link with the windows integration. Lastly, the computer and the mobile must need to be in the same Wi-Fi for a further step. 

How to use WhatsApp on pc?

Nowadays, WhatsApp became our go-to texting app for us. If you want to attend to your personal or important text while working on pc, it's easy to do. There are two ways to use WhatsApp on your PC. The first one is you can directly use it on your browser or otherwise in the second way you can download the pc version of the app from the official WhatsApp site. 

For the web version, you have to search for web.whatsapp.com in your browser. You can use any browser according to your preferences. There is no restriction on a particular browser. When you hit the website of web.whatsapp.com, you will see a page where you will get the instruction and a QR code.

 Mainly the instruction is telling you that you have to go to your phone WhatsApp. You will find your setting option, and there will be another option where will be WhatsApp web. You need to go to the particular option to locate a QR code scanner. After scanning the QR code from the PC, your WhatsApp will automatically sync with your pc in real-time.

If you download the app directly on pc, what you have to do is have to go to WhatsApp's official website, and you'll find an option where you can download a file WhatsApp for PC. After installing the file, the other process is as same as the previous method.

Final Verdict

In the modern era, we are living a very fast-forward life. There is no time to waste. We want comfort in our every work. If we don't feel comfortable on a small screen in specific work, we want to shift it to a big screen. If we feel discomfort in phone storage, we shift the uses. 

All and all, our needs still grow every day. We are being gadget-oriented and depending on it. In this kind of need, if you don't know how to use the android app on pc to switch on the device according to your need, it could be problematic for you in some cases. So it's always great to learn new things in this fast-forward world.