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Top 10 payment gateways In Bangladesh for online payment

10 payment gateways In Bangladesh

Since people are now very reliable on the internet, they are likely to prefer online shopping most of the time. For online shopping, payment gateways provide sellers to offer secure online payments and several new payment options.

There is a huge marketplace of trustworthy payment gateways in Bangladesh that work as transactions on online platforms. Payment gateways gather the customer's card information and encrypt it for processing, and the processor uses this information and charges the customer's credit card or bank.

We have come with the top 10 payment gateways for online payments, Bangladesh's best payment gateway provider. These also provide security, fastest payment, and fast transaction, etc. So without any delay, let's begin.


In Bangladesh, SSLCOMMERZ is a well-known and secure online payment gateway. Another factor contributing to its brand value is the fact that it is the largest and oldest online payment company.

In 2008, the company was drafted back, and it was DBBL with which this company began its official journey. This company has an online payment solution for businesses and also for corporates and banks.



Privacy policy:

  • They collect information for their use only
  • DSS PCI compliant system


  • Regarding funds, there are no extra charges
  • Setup fee: 15000BDT
  • Commission charges: visa-2.5%, and MasterCard whereas 2%-4% for other cards and internet banking

2. Amaray

Amaray is one of Bangladesh's most secure and fastest online payment gateways. It is well-known for its low commission rates. This company is also leading the platform for being a high-performance service.

Additionally, this company offers 4-different plans from which you can choose. These are Lamar corporate, Lamar SME, Lamar enterprise, and Lamar B2b. Amaray has an initial setup fee of Rs 4000 To Rs 15000. 


  • National id or passport
  • Tax identification number

Privacy policy:

  • Instant payment notification
  • 3-layers security
  • API system to secure your transactions


  • For returns, you don't have to give any extra charges
  • 1.85% to 2% for SureCash, bKash, Rocket commission and 2.55% to 3.25% for card commission.

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3. Fast spring

If you search about payment gateways for international transactions, fast spring can be the best choice. In this case, if anyone wants to do business in a foreign country, they can easily receive money from them at the fastest time through fast spring.

They give services without a long-term contract. Also, this company doesn't have any kinds of commitment involved and a signup fee. In a word, this is one of the simplest payment processing companies in Bangladesh. 


  • Driving license or Tax/Vat/GST exemption number

Privacy policy:

  • Encrypted personal data
  • For transferring personal information: EU-US privacy shield


  • $5.00 refund fee
  • No term contract and signup fee
  •  5.9% + $.95 per transaction or 8.9% per transaction with minimum $.75 purchase.

4. Shurjopay

Shurjopay is Bangladesh's most popular online payment gateway, having received the country's first PSO license from the Bangladesh Bank. This company works with both merchants and purchasers.

Though the Shurjopay charge is slightly higher than any other company in Bangladesh, it is renowned to people for its strong privacy.


  • Vat or tax exemption number
  • National ID

Privacy policy:

  • Highly secured and never share information with the third person
  • Accurate validation and verification


  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • No annual fee
  • Mobile wallet and American express, corporate 3.5% and 2.0% and education-1.5% for both
  • Education 10000 BDT and Signup fee corporate- 10,000*
  • Nexus, visa, Mastercard, corporate-2.5%, and education-1.5%
  • Integration, corporate-10000BDT and education 5000BDT

5. Payoneer

Payoneer's first name comes to mind whenever we think of a cheap and good online payment gateway. This company services in about 200+ countries around the world.

Furthermore, consumers like this company because of its trustworthy and reasonable online payment gateway. Also, Payoneer is a very standard online payment gateway especially, among freelancers in Bangladesh.


  • National ID card number or passport

Privacy policy: 

  • Their general safety measures confidentiality, integrity, and safety of personal information.

6. PortWallet

If you are looking for the fastest online payment gateways in Bangladesh, we must say PortWallet is one of them. An API system secures your information with different internal process channels, including DSS and PCI systems.

This company provides 2-different services called business and starter, which also have other initial fees. Besides this, you don't have to pay any charge to this company if you need to issue a refund. 



Privacy policy:

  • Instant notification and 3d security system
  • DSS PCI compliant system
  • Highly secured


  • Business 24000 BDT as the annual fee
  • Starter 5000+ BDT and business 20000+ BDT as setup fee
  • Commission charges for net banking: business- 2.5%+BDT1 and starter- 3.8% BDT2
  • Commission charges for debit and credit card: business- 3.5%+BDT 1 and starter- 3.8%+BDT 2.

7. Easy Pay Way

In Bangladesh, Easy pay way is yet another safe, secure, and reliable online payment gateway. There are many advanced features in this company that are usually not found in any other firm. Also, they provide services with API systems, payment validation, risk validation, and auto verification. 

For hassle-free and time-saving payment, you can choose easy pay-way services without any hesitancy.


  • Trade license
  • Tax identification number

Privacy policy:

  • No fear to share personal information with any third party
  • They gathered data only for their services 


  • Per transaction commission: professional- 3.9% basic: 6.5% and starter-5%
  • Annual fee: corporate-2500BDT, starter-500BDT, basic-free, and professional-2000BDT.
  • Setup fee: corporate-20000BDT, starter-10000BDT, basic-5000BDT, and professional-18000BDT

8. 2Checkout

2checkout is also an international online payment gateway in Bangladesh like fast spring. It is one of the leading payment gateways in the marketplace, which services seamless global transactions include high revenue generation.

2Checkout is best for received payment from a foreign country. They honored refund requests for up to 30 days. 


  • Trade license
  • Tax/VAT identification number

Privacy policy:

  • Customer personal information may share with partners
  • Swiss-US privacy shield framework
  • EU_US privacy shield


  • Commission per transaction: 3.9% + $0.45 and 1.5%cross-border fee
  • No annual or setup fee

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9. Paddle

The paddle is another safest online payment gateway in Bangladesh that provides service with NDR enhancement. In the modern global transaction market, they provide services on SaaS and operate both B2C and B2B, making them better than other companies.

People also like a paddle for its low-cost advantages. To get paddle services, you don't need to pay any monthly or yearly fees.


  • Trade license
  • Sales Tax/VAT code

Privacy policy:

  • Confidentially secure customer personal information


  • The only certain percentage for transaction fee
  • No monthly and signup fee

10. Stripe

The only condition you need to get the service from the stripe is to have foreign company registration. Stripe provides the best payment services included payment processing also. It is the ultimate global payment solution with an API system. 


  • Trade license
  • Social security number or TIN

Privacy policy:

  • PCI compliance
  • Customer information is encrypted, and no fear to share with a third party.


  • Sales-3.9% and instant payment-1%
  • Commission fee for debit and credit cards- 2.9%
  • Money conversion and international cards: 1%

Final verdict

Since people now use the internet more than before, it is evident that they also use it online for shopping. For these reasons, we have listed above the 10-best online payment gateway platforms from several platforms.

These platforms provide services by secure your information with their amazing features. We hope it will be helpful to you to get the best online payment gateway.