Techdyno BD Ltd

Digital Marketing Service

Techdyno BD Ltd

Digital Marketing Service

The word "Digital" is now probably the most common and overused term of this era. At present, this single terminology covers almost each and every part of our life. With the concept of digitalization, today, the world is now changing drastically and bringing a new dimension into our lifestyle.

As we have already entered the digital era, marketing has become far different from earlier.  Digital marketing service or online marketing is not just a particular component of marketing. Actually, it is more than marketing yet. Nowadays, local companies and other service offering agencies are not stuck within the local market; they also have an international presence yet.

Through the internet, the world now becomes a global village yet. It brings marketing into our hands and helps us to engage more people through search engines. Today, digital marketing is the most effective and cost-efficient way to turn our online visitors into our customers. 

Techdyno BD Ltd

Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangladesh

Tech Dyno BD is a complete and compact digital service provider in Bangladesh with a strong international presence. Our Professional Search engine optimization and digital marketing team are skilled and experienced enough to create, deliver, and manage social media and search engine campaigns for your business.

Besides, advertising through different social media platforms offers a great impact and influence people to turn into leads. Our targeted and optimized advertisement methods are well capable of showing the best result in your marketing and sales. 

Techdyno BD Ltd
Techdyno BD Ltd

Our Digital Marketing Services

  • SEO:

Today, almost 80% of shoppers and service providers are now uploading and launching their products or services on the internet. Thereby, a large number of people are now starting purchasing their necessary products or services over the internet. Day by day, this number is rising, and now internet search engines have great potential to engage more people with your business. Therefore, search engine optimization is becoming a crucial factor in assisting your website and business.   

Search engines such as- Google, Bing, and others prefer customer-driven and well-optimized websites to give rank in their search results. SEO is such a marketing strategy that helps one to rank his site in the search engine results. Tech Dyno BD offers its customers performance-driven and cost-effective SEO services for improving their online visibility and their ranking in the search result. We are capable enough to grow your website's overall traffic, leads, sales, and build your website's authority over search engines.   


  • Local SEO:

Local SEO services help one to improve their online visibility locally. In terms of sales, customers from our neighborhood are always top of mind. Our local SEO services will assist you in getting the most targeted local traffic through search engines. Our white hat SEO practices will help you to increase organic traffic locally and get higher search engine rankings yet.    


  • PPC:

  At present, most qualified people are used to search for products or services online. And so, search engines like Google, Bing are allowing to run campaigns on them. Statics says that around 41% of search engine visitors are usually clicking on the top three paid ads shown on the search result page.  And people who click on online advertisements are mostly (about 50%) having the interest to purchase that particular product.

Pay per click is such a custom advertising strategy that helps business buyers reach high-value consumers and convert them into their client. Tech Dyno BD offers data-driven affordable PPC management service to reach your customer quickly. We have PPC specialists who are able to drive more visitors to your website. Our Google AdWords campaign management services will give a great experience yet.  


  • Social Media Marketing:

In this digital world, now almost 80% of adults have at least one profile on various social media platforms. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have a large number of active members yet. Social Media Marketing helps us to engage more people with our business. Tech Dyno BD offers social media advertising services to promote your product or services on social media and drive more traffic to your site. 


  • Email Marketing:

Our targeted email marketing services are among the most effective and cost-efficient ways to speed up your sales. Our customer engaging custom newsletters and professional emails will influence your audience to buy that particular product or service from you. This online marketing strategy will help you to generate leads and nurture your current customers or clients. 


  • Content Marketing:

Tech Dyno BD offers content marketing services to increase your website traffic. Our attractive, as well as targeted video and Infographic contents, will become a great way to bridge the gap between your business and customers. Besides, our proven content marketing strategy will also help you to engage your targeted audience with your websites, landing pages, emails, blog posts, and so on. 


  • Conversion rate Optimization:

If you are successfully driving more and more visitors into your website, then it is considered that half of your marketing job is done. Because the conversion rate is the first and foremost condition to become successful in the online business, besides, your website's design, content, and usability play a crucial role in acquiring, attracting, engaging more people to your product or service. Our conversation rate optimization service will give a competitive edge in the search engines or marketplace. This service is also fruitful for scaling your website yet. 


  • Web design and development:

 As the website is considered the way of the first interaction with your potential customer, it is essential to develop such a website representing your business very well. And so, Tech Dyno BD offers extensive custom website development service with a competitive and smart SEO strategy that you don't need to lose any valuable customer. 


  • Video Marketing:

Visual contents have the power to engage in more peoples. And so, videos usually get 50% more organic reach than text contents. Besides, high-quality animated videos also attract people to a great extent and speed up you're your overall branding process yet. Tech Dyno BD has excellent video making and editing team to create user engaging, high-quality videos for you. 


  • Branding and Creative Services:

Brand value has numerous competitive advantages in product or service marketing. We can strongly manage your digital marketing and overall branding process according to your budget. Our cohesive brand strategy is capable enough to add value to your company's reputation.

No matter you are owing to a big company or a small start-up, Tech Dyno BD is well capable of swinging in both ways. We also offer cheap digital marketing services for the newly started start-ups.